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Hotel Vila Rica Campinas

Discover the Hotel Vila Rica: a retreat in the heart of Campinas, with an ambiance combining tradition and modernity. Find Out More:

Rua Donato Paschoal, 100

Campinas - SP

Zip Code. 13036-130

Phone: (19) 3773.8000

Phone: (19) 3773-8009

Hotel Vila Rica Belém

The Hotel Vila Rica is conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Belém and 5 minutes from the Belém International Airport (Val-de-Cans). Here the guests retreat from the busy town, and still are close enough to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Av. Júlio César, 1777, Val-de-Cans

Belém - PA

Zip Code: 66.123-370

Phone: (91) 3210.2000

Fax: (91) 3257.0222