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Reservation Policies

General conditions:
Check-in from 2 pm and check-out until 12 noon. Complimentary breakfast served in the Restaurant. Free internet. Children under 7 Years accompanied by parents will be courtesy in the same apartment. Add 5% of Iss Fee in all daily rates and R $ 3.00 Tourism Fee per day.
No-Show Policy:
For guaranteed reservations, the non-attendance of the guest on the day of the reservation will imply the payment of the Fine stipulated in the amount of one night. For reservations that will be made directly at the Hotel, you will be asked to do so at the time of check-in.
Cancellation Policy:
Reservations with No Show Guarantee can be canceled with up to 48h the date of check-in. After this Term will be charged the amount corresponding to a daily rate and this amount can not be reversed in credit for upcoming Accommodation. Reservations without No Show Warranty will be automatically canceled 48h after the check-in date.
Policy for Minors:
By determination of Federal Law 8,069, dated July 13, 1990, we do not allow the lodging of minors under 18 (Eighteen) years, unless accompanied by their parents or guardian. If the minor is accompanied only by his It will be necessary to present, at the time of check-in, a document authorizing the accommodation of the minor in writing and Signed by parents, with firms recognized in a notary's office. Notwithstanding any other provision, all persons under 18 (Eighteen) years must present, at the time of check-in identification document.